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   Final vote on multihull for 2012 Olympics


Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The following are links to articles from the ISAF website reporting on the ISAF mid-year meeting where the multihull discipline was finally removed from the 2012 Olympic Games.

It is obviously the job of ISAF website reporters to bolster the image of ISAF in times of difficulty, but the report that "the Council gave a clear message to support the events as already approved" is a little bit of a stretch when only 17 of 38 Council members voted to support the current list of Men's/Open disciplines, including the exclusion of the multihull.

A positive note from the final report is that the Executive voted to form a Multihull Commission, although there is no information as yet on the makeup or charter for this commission. Given that the recently formed Athletes Commission voted 10-1 in support of motion to re-evaluate the disciplines for 2012 (with only the US Star sailor Mark Renolds voting to retain the status quo including the Star) and then Council then voting to not re-evaluate the disciplines, it is also open for debate how much this new Commission will be able to influence the decisions of the ISAF Council.

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